Modern Christian Literature at Its Best

05 Oct

Jack Cavanaugh, The Colonists. $2.99. 148,530 words.

This ebook is the second in Cavanaugh’s American Family Portrait series. I bought it because I like historical fiction based in the colonial era, and I was looking for a good summer “read.” I was not disappointed. Jack Cavanaugh re-creates the colonial period in vivid detail with some surprising twists from what I’ve read in the past. The major twist is his focus on Native Americans and their part in our history, and he does it without entering into an apology for the colonials’ attitude. He presents the Indians as genuine people with families, who had a willingness to grow as individuals. He also showed them as a people mistreated, misunderstood, and feared. The colonists are revealed as a mixture of the desire to understand and relate well to Native Americans with a readiness to express prejudice. Both groups are depicted as an amalgam of good and evil, but as folks who are spiritually searching.

The Colonists is a book about Christian faith and life, the struggle of it and the wonder of it. The focal characters are three siblings whose deceased father and wandering mother were devout Christian people who lost their way. Their children travel through harrowing experiences with difficulty. They lose their Christian moorings, then gradually rediscover what faith and Christian living are all about. The characters of the Morgan children are well-developed and entertaining. Priscilla is the thoughtful, secretly educated one, who has lots of promise, but is enmeshed in the vulgar world of colonial business dealings. Jared is the carefree, rowdy son who is shanghaied but matures as a Christian while forced into piracy on the high seas. Philip is the lead character of the novel and becomes to cornerstone of the renewed family as he searches for a lost family Bible and discovers his Christian humanity among the praying Indians of the Massachusetts colony.

I found in Jack Cavanaugh a master storyteller whose language is clear and straightforward. His way with words drew me into this novel and always held my interest. He plotted the novel as an expert author and created suspense that pulled me constantly forward. My wife grew tired of my nose being always in my ereader and said, “That must be some book you’re reading.” It was one of the most engaging novels I’ve read in years. In fact, I think I’m going to back up and buy the first book in the series so that I can find out how the Morgan family came to America and why the family Bible became so important to them.

If you like good historical fiction that centers in the American colonial era and want to read a decent Christian book, I encourage you to consider Jack Cavanaugh’s The Colonists. You’ll be reading one of the best examples of Christian literary work that is available.

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