In All the Seasons

07 Oct

Autumn…one of the lovely times of the year! We enjoy cooling nights and crisp mornings, the changing trees. I’m always excited to watch the shifts that take place as flowers and produce lose their colors and whither. Taking apart a garden can be as rewarding as planting one, because you sense that a goal was reached, a project was completed. There’s a satisfaction born out of the completion of one season and the beginning of another.

And fall signals a new beginning! I know most people dwell on the loss of leaves and the harbinger winds of winter, but I see the fresh days of autumn as a beginning. How so? Well, I don’t live in Arizona or Florida because I like cold weather. In my heart, not in my bones—they ache more ever year! But the crunch of leaves, the graying clouds, the nip in the air tell me I’m alive. They tell me God lives! He superintends the passage of time. It isn’t Mother Nature who oversees the changes of autumn. It’s our God, the Creator! As he sprouts leaves and buds in the spring, he snips them away in the fall. Without the changes of autumn and winter, spring will be bleak. So I congratulate the Almighty on his wisdom in creating all the seasons!

Isn’t this how he has arranged your life, too? There are seasons of happiness and of sorrow, times of challenge and of ease. Your life doesn’t remain stationary, fixed in an inadaptable form. Your life has movement and structure, new shadows and old lights that recur often and make you know that you live, and that life is worth the complexity and simplicity of every moment you breathe. God the Creator is good to give you a dynamic, moving life. He gives you the opportunity to probe the depths of his love for you in all the seasons of your life.

Tell him how grateful you are!

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