No Matter How You Feel

18 Nov

As the years pass, you notice feebleness creeping into who you are. At first, you deny it. “I’m not getting older. I’m getting better!” Then you admit there’s a loss of ability. “I’m not as strong as I used to be.” You try to compensate. “Doctor, would it be wise to start me on vitamins?” As your feeble character deepens, you suddenly realize you’re doing what you promised you wouldn’t do. “I’ll never get like my mother. She takes a dozen pills!” Face the truth. The older you get the greater your frailty.

A more delicate constitution is nothing to cause you shame. It’s happened to people for millennia! You study whether or not to hold on to the banister as you ascend the stairs until you wouldn’t dream of taking the steps two at a time as you did when you were a teenager. The older you get the more feeble you are. You slow down, and you don’t take so many chances, just as people always have done.

Feebleness doesn’t mean shabbiness has overpowered you, nor are you a meager sort of person. Your mind takes over as your body lets loose. Wisdom reminds you not to guzzle a drink and gulp your food. Slow chewing isn’t for the young, but it becomes a necessity for the young-at-heart. You learn to enjoy the taste of meals and the pace of quiet dinner conversation.

Frailty has its benefits. You learn more humility because you depend on others more. Though you can still drive a car, you hitch a ride to a nighttime Bible study. You don’t sit on a front porch when it’s chilly; you invite your neighbor in and visit over a cup of coffee in the dining room. So friendship deepens. You find yourself reading more, and you discover new ideas. Slowing down can mean growing wiser.

Weakness has its drawbacks, too. You need to have more help around the house. Eventually, reading may become less possible, or you need to increase the television’s sound volume. You lose that weight you’ve always wanted to lose, but now the doctor says you need more meat on your bones! Life is full of tradeoffs!

So a feeble condition isn’t always good, but it is a condition, a circumstance in life, and you’ve always been in some sort of circumstance in life. Youth wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. To be young was to experience other drawbacks. You couldn’t do everything you wanted to do. You had to wait until you were of age to drive a car. You had to earn the right to have your ideas heard. You had to defer to your elders, whom you saw a getting feeble!

In all of life, there are conditions, situations that have to be dealt with in a prudent manner. The biggest thing about becoming feeble is that it’s the same as being youthful or being middle aged. You have to learn to be content in any and all circumstances. This requires the spiritual gift of discernment. You need to learn from Jesus Christ and his Spirit, from the word of God and prayer, the way to be happy no matter how you feel.

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