Just in Case…

23 Dec

Wintertime! When you read this, you may have had some snow this winter, though at the time I’m writing, December brought us very little of the white stuff. Winter is so unpredictable, although weather forecasters try to make us believe they have a good idea what’ll happen before the first flakes fall. Truth is, the weather is always what the weather is. That’s why some people never worry about catching a meteorological report. They know that if it rains they’ll be wet. If it snows, they’ll be cold. They rejoice in the warm weather they encounter unexpectedly. Others sweat over the predictions, catching every broadcast they can. Just in case…

Where’s this leading? It’s an illustration to me of how easily we worry or fret. When the weather people tell us to expect a lot of snow, people worry about running out of supplies. So they race off and endure long grocery lines just to make certain they have enough bread and milk and batteries. Just in case…

It doesn’t take much to make some people worrywarts.

The winter doldrums strike many after the holidays. Family returns to their own homes. Loneliness, Christmas bills, an untidy house, snow, rain, clouds, barren trees, brown grass, ice… Everything adds up until anxiety lashes frostily at your mood and leaves you miserable. Depression is a common problem in January and February. What are you to do? It’s hard to visit people or even make it to church. Many of us have forgotten how to read or how to entertain ourselves, and television gets to be a bore during winter.

For me, the winter months have always been a time to re-charge. I don’t have outdoor work to do most of the time, so I spend a little more time reading Scripture, praying, and catching up with God. Other times of the year, I get busy and neglect him and the spiritual disciplines that help me grow. So I return to the practices of prayer and meditation during winter. Just in case…

Just in case I get busy again and forget to stop and listen to what the Lord wants to tell me. Winter is a time to draw into my thoughts, prayers, and private fellowship with Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit of holiness.

If the bad weather or the general dreariness of winter has you down, I suggest that you start looking up again! Just in case your mood needs to improve a little.


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