God and Evil, and Human Beings

03 Jan

A blog I recently read made the point that evil is the absence of God. I responded to it, and I thought I’d also share my answer in this blog. So here it is…

Evil as an absence of God. This is certainly true. But the presence of God would also be the absence of evil. The two thoughts in tandem explain why human free will is so risky. By acting in an evil fashion, a human takes himself out of the presence of God. He is too holy to tolerate evil in his presence. However, does choosing good automatically bring a person into the presence of God? Perhaps not. It at least allows God an opportunity to admit the human being to his presence, but something more appears to be required: a cleansing. The evil that was chosen must be purged, because it has left a mark upon the human soul. Christ enters to provide this cleansing, along with the Holy Spirit to help maintain the purity and expand it throughout the whole human character. This is a signal of the sovereignty of God. By his trinitarian actions, he restores the human to relationship with himself and makes possible a consistent choosing of the good. Yet this work of deity is not completed until a period beyond human time-bound experience. Until then, we continue to struggle with good and evil.


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2 responses to “God and Evil, and Human Beings

  1. Jason Lundy

    January 17, 2012 at 8:21 AM

    Aloha friend, I found your article via twitter and I would like to share with you my understanding.

    If we want to find Satan (evil), we need only look in the mirror. What we see is the flesh. This applies internally since the mirror is our mind, which is also a part of the flesh.

    If we want to find Good, we need to look deeper. But to look deeper we need to see our evil completely to entirely move past evil and into Good.

    This is the teaching of Jesus Christ “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand”.

    Is evil the absence of good, or good the absence of evil? Mental gymnastics :D.

    When our hearts are full of evil, we are absent from the Lord and unfulfilled. When our hearts are full of good, we are present with the Lord and fulfilled. This has meaning, this is life.

    Jason Lundy

    • faithprober

      January 17, 2012 at 10:31 AM

      Hello, Jason. With the winter weather here in Pennsylvania, Hawaii looks inviting! Your comments are insightful, and I’m grateful for them. Also, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you’ll return soon. I’ll be writing more after a brief hiatus to do the first revision of a novel I’m writing.

      Evil as the absence of good and the reverse is one of those circular discussions I prefer to ignore, because it leads me into confusion. However, though I agree with what you say about being full of evil taking us out of Christ’s presence, he is never far from us and will even re-enter our presence by his Spirit to lead us home again. It comforts me to think that no matter how far I roam he will travel farther to return me to himself. All I need do is repent and re-open my heart to his full presence.

      It does seem that when we look in a mirror we see evil, Satan. Yet I think we are fully responsible for the “flesh.” It is part of our nature, who we are as created by God. We are meant to be “of the earth” and enjoy our physical appetites within God’s ordained boundaries. It’s when we fall to Satan’s temptations that our flesh becomes an accomplice of evil. We have just as much capacity to use our earthy nature for good as for evil. But what are our motivations? Do we listen to the Spirit or the Lord’s Adversary? Our starting point makes all the difference.


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