The FaithProber is Larry Armstrong, a retired Presbyterian pastor, and a Christian author. I know I’m not the only person who probes the Christian faith, but it’s an apt description of how I try to practice my faith in Jesus Christ. I’m a firm believer in him, otherwise I wouldn’t have been preaching his gospel for thirty-five-plus years. But I think he wants all of his followers to move into the depth and breadth of faith in him. So I’m the FaithProber.

Welcome to all who are on the same journey! Through my blogs, I hope to share the thoughts and ideas about Christian life which have been built up in me throughout my life, as well as to stretch myself through lots of thinking and self-expression. Please, join me in the same sort of growth.

Who am I? This blog isn’t long enough to tell you, any more than anyone’s blog can tell you everything about them. So I start with a high point in recent years. In 2004, I was diagnosed with a liver disease and given the word that my survival required a liver transplant. I went on the list, trusting God would work out his good plan for my life. In April 2005, I received a new liver, and the Lord’s blessing allowed me to return to service as a full-time pastor in April 2006–eleven days short of a year after my transplant. Not only that, but Christ Jesus called me to a wonderful congregation which I joyfully served until my retirement in July 2011.

In addition, the Lord has allowed me to begin a publishing business, a lifelong desire. I opened FaithProbe Publications in 2009. My first book was Patience: Harvesting the Spirit’s Fruit. It’s available through Amazon,,, and Barnes & Noble in print and eBook versions. But don’t worry, it’s not about lessons learned while having a liver transplant. At least, not directly. I suppose some of what I discovered during that period of my life has filtered into my writing, but the book is a study of the Holy Spirit’s fruit in the Christian life. My wife thought it was a book about living with her! It’s not that, either.

Now, I’m working on Kindness: Harvesting the Spirit’s Fruit, which I expect to publish in spring 2012. I’ve also put out two other books: In the Shadow with Jesus: A Look at the High Priestly Prayer of John 17 and The Good News Reader, a collection of my shorter writings on discipleship. These two are available at and In fact, you can download eBook samples at Smashwords in a variety of formats. Why not check the out?

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