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Courage to Start New Things

It’s time to think about starting things. A New Year is only days away, and we naturally make resolutions. “I’m going to lose weight!” “I’ll pay off my bills faster.” “I’m going to read twelve books in 2012.” We usually keep our resolutions, for a while. But that’s not what I’m thinking about.

The time has come to think about starting new things. The old aren’t working so well. We need new things.

Our habits are bad. We indulge in over-eating, not only during the holidays, but also all year long. We need to start a new thing…eating better. Our attitudes are bad. We demand more than we deserve, such as a larger salary, a larger house, a larger role in the business, a larger anything! Our attitude is wrong. Instead of a “me first” attitude, we have to start a new thing…gaining a servant mentality. Our feelings are bad. We complain all the time about politicians, doctors, spouses, children, store clerks, everyone who crosses us somehow. We feel the worst things. We need to start new feelings going around the community…compassion for others.

As I listen to our society, so much negativity floats in the air around us. It’s easy to fall into the moaning and mourning, the superior smugness of one who thinks he or she has been slighted. Rather than complain and gripe, why don’t we create? If we don’t like the way life is going, can’t we make it go in a new direction? It only takes our will power, our thinking, our plans. Then we can realign our resources and find a new way to act. We can accomplish better things, if we have the desire to do them.

Wait a minute! Isn’t it a Pollyanna outlook to believe human beings are able to achieve and do wonderful things in a whole society?

How do we know if we don’t try a different, and hopefully a better, way of doing things? If the habits and deeds of the past have failed us, why not do something different? It might turn out better. If we don’t like being out of work, why don’t we pick ourselves up and create a new job ourselves or keep looking for another one? Discouragement will come, but rather than allowing it to beat you down, why not make it build you up? Let discouragement become a motivator for a wider search for work. New attitude, new thinking, new ways of doing…this will change where we are right now.

I see a lot of down in the dumps people, when they don’t have to stay there in the ash heap. Okay, so nobody is helping you. Help yourself. Think creatively about the problem that’s weighing you down. A new solution will come, a new life will build. You don’t have to mope and groan. Do something positive to change where you’re at in life.

I’ve heard a lot about bank robberies and store hold ups lately. We always do when the economy sours, and jobs dry up. But I wonder if the people who are so desperate that they have to steal couldn’t come up with a better way—if they put their minds and hearts into creative mode. It’s time to begin new things.

Do you have the courage to start new things that are worth doing?

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